Presenting Nextreality: Discover and show the best in augmented reality

Present your work, get inspired by others and find AR related jobs


Nextreality is launching a platform dedicated to augmented reality designers and developers, just in time for Apple's launch of its next AR enabled iPhone.

This is an opportunity to show their work, get inspired by others, and soon, find AR related jobs. Everything about the website is designed specifically for the AR community. While still in beta, it's aiming to launch new features like events, jobs, upvoting and much more in the coming weeks.

London, September 7, 2017 - Today, Nextreality, the augmented reality community, is unveiling its platform in anticipation for Apple's iOS 11 ARKit on Tuesday. In addition to supporting Apple's ARKit, it also has a section dedicated to Google's recently announced ARCore. Dean Fankhauser, founder of Nextreality says: "With a projected 380 million iPhones being compatible with ARKit, we think the augmented reality opportunity is immense. There is currently a skills and knowledge gap that needs to be met in a very short period of time. We're hoping to help fill that gap by creating an augmented reality community to share and learn together."

Why now?

Apple's annual iPhone launch is this Tuesday. It is believed to be Apple's biggest yet with the unveiling of a new campus and their most important phone in 10 years.

Dean says, "We believe the most important feature of Apple's new phone will be augmented reality. We also believe that it could change interface design for the next 5-10 years. Everything we do on our phone can potentially be disrupted and redesigned with augmented reality.

This is an important development and something we expect Apple and Google to fight very hard over."

Platforms it supports

Today, Nextreality will be supporting Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore. Dean says "While Nextreality is optimistic for the long-term prospects of virtual reality and mixed reality, we don't believe either technologies have the opportunity that augmented reality is currently presented with. The use of existing hardware technologies like Apple's iPhone, coupled with emerging technologies like augmented reality, have finally created the catalyst needed to bring the technology to every day people, in every day situations."

How it plans to make money

Nextreality plans to monetise with AR specific job postings. We believe this is going to be an enormous growth area over the coming years as brands and agencies look to hire aggressively in the space.


Previously Dean Fankhauser started Nuji, an ecommerce platform that raised seed and series a funding from Seedcamp, Local Globe and other London based investors. Nuji is now a profitable, growing startup retaining the rest of its founding team.